Studio Augustine is an interior design practice based in London. The studio focuses on residential interiors and has worked on commissions from heritage buildings to new build development that spans UK, Europe, Caribbean and Africa.

Augustine founded his design studio in 2019, after several years working with award winning talents within the film, art, fashion and design world. His expansive career included managing vast diverse projects with likes of Daniel Craig, David LaChapelle, Beyonce and Louis Vuitton. He went on to expand his design language with training at KLC School of Design in Chelsea. London based but globally raised across China, Europe and US in particular New York.

Outside the design practice, he continually explores his curiosity of beauty and champions living each day beautifully.


The design process takes a holistic approach, which begins with understanding requirements, rituals of each client whilst being empathetic to the architectural history of the property and its location. The weaving together of these elements helps craft a detailed and forward-thinking space that is unique to the client, reflecting their lifestyle, passions whilst been relaxed, harmonious and truly lovely.

We work with a myriad of specialists, artists, and craftspeople each carefully considered where required to realize the commission.